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a New Eden

A New Eden(sm) is what we call the "destination resort" symbolizing a sustained and restored Earth. Borrowing from Karl-Henrik Robèrt's notion of "backcasting," we've chosen to define what this "new eden" is as a means by which we can plan and execute the journey which will take us there.

The link above connects to an 18 minute audio we sent out via iPod to participants in the two (to this time) charrettes which were held at the Interdenominational Theological Center (March, 2007) as a means of beginning the definition of that institution's commitment to TheoEcology(sm).  The audio content was extracted from relevant programs we have produced over the last decade plus.

The programs from which the audio was extracted:

Richard Leakey   Edward O. Wilson   Jared Diamond   Ann Florini   Karl-Henrik Robèrt   Robert Funk  

Alan Wallace   Cornel West   President Jimmy Carter   Johnetta Cole  

Amory Lovins    Bill Bolling   David Orr   Frederick Ferré   Joseph Roberts    Ray Anderson    Stuart Kauffman

Drs. Ferré and Kauffman, Pastor Joseph L. Roberts and Bill Bolling also participated in the first charrette. David Orr found the funding; Ray Anderson's company, Interface, provided environmentally friendly carpet for remodeled buildings at the Interdenominational Theological Center; and Amory Lovins, from his base at Rocky Mountain Institute has provided technical and theoretical support along with continuing doses of moral encouragement.


The Board of Trustees of The Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC) voted unanimously to make TheoEcology a Strategic Goal of the ITC:

To be the living embodiment, spiritually and physically, of TheoEcology(sm) for the world, healing humanity's prime estrangement, our divorce from nature.”

Paula's written accounting of the process by which TheoEcology came to be a strategic goal of the ITC is here.

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