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MOUNT SHASTA, CA ¸ Want to watch the evolutionary emergence of a new species? Look in the mirror, according to Gary Zukav. He believes the entire human species is in the midst of a great evolutionary transformation. We have the potential, according to Gary, to become a highly intuitive species --"multi-sensory"-- emerging from what humans are today -- a species focused on surviving using our five senses. He believes humans are moving toward an awareness that we are part of an all-encompassing universal consciousness. He sees his own task as creating a vocabulary for the changes he believes we are all experiencing, illuminating the new territory into which he sees us moving.

At the heart of Zukav's perspective is his belief that humans are immortal souls first, physical beings second. He sees us transforming. "For the first time, human evolution is becoming conscious. We're co-creators in our own evolution. Now our way to evolve is to heal the unconscious parts of our personalities. We must align our personalities (the five-sensory human) with our souls (the intuitive, multi-sensory human.) Our task is to seek authentic power instead of the external power on which our survival once was based. External power -- manipulating, dominating and controlling the physical world -- is not 'bad,' it's obsolete, the source of violence and destruction."

Zukav says he's pragmatic. He believes creating authentic power is a day to day, moment by moment endeavor in which people must make choices, then be responsible for the outcome of those choices. There's no place here for blaming others or for acting the part of the victim. He does not propose this transformation is easy. "You cannot pray or wish or meditate authentic power into being. You must chose and create authentic power one decision at a time. You do it by making every choice a responsible choice, a choice that fosters harmony, cooperation, sharing and a reverence for life."

Zukav's pragmatism continues. "The five-sensory human was a stage. It's past. We now have a new potential to align our physical and spiritual selves. We can augment who and what we are, chose to create this multi-sensory human. Or not. It's our choice. We get to chose what we create and co-create. This transformation is about living a life. Become uniquely who you are. Become aware of how you feel, then speak the truth about those feelings. Detach from the outcome of having spoken the truth. It's hard work to be responsible," Zukav declares. "And it's the reason you were born."

Gary Zukav

Gary Zukav is a native of Kansas and a graduate of Harvard University. He now lives in Northern California with his spiritual partner, Linda Francis. He won the 1979 American Book Award in Science for The Dancing Wu Li Masters (Quill/William Morrow and Company). He published The Seat of the Soul (Simon & Schuster) in 1989. It became both a New Age classic and a national best-seller. Gary is working on his next book, which will present a collective perspective on the Universal Human.


Conversation 1

Gary Zukav recalls the experience of writing The Dancing Wu Li Masters for Paula Gordon and Bill Russell. Gary describes himself as a co-creator (with his non-physical guides and teachers) in the process.

Gary compares the first part of his life ("miserable and painful") to his feelings when he embraced all of life's experiences as valuable.

Conversation 2

Gary describes what he sees as the great evolutionary transformation humans are experiencing right now. We have evolved from our origin which, until recently, was limited to our five senses. Our objective was physical survival which required that we explore the physical world. We came to understand power as the ability to manipulate and to control other things -- including people. Now we are becoming a multi-sensory, highly intuitive species, creating and discovering higher order logics and understandings.

The conversation turns to "the physics of the soul." We have already crossed an evolutionary threshold that separates our past from our present. Our task now is to understand power not as external power, but as authentic power -- the alignment of personality (which is born into time, matures, dies in time) with soul (which is immortal.) Gary describes our "earth school" in which we are co-creating reality. He describes the roles of non-physical guides and teachers.

Conversation 3

Gary applies the ideas he presented in The Seat of The Soul. He says he is doing his best to create a vocabulary to express humans' transformation. "As we become multi-sensory, we are able to see the force fields that move our earth."

He believes that our pursuit of external power is a natural consequence of our evolving through the exploration of physical reality. This pursuit of external power is not in itself negative, it's obsolete and now produces only violence and destruction. ╩We are experiencing a new way of looking at the world which allows us to see that we are more than minds and bodies, that we co-create with others and with nonphysical guides and teachers.

In behavioral terms, the soul is that part of us that always strives for harmony, cooperation, sharing and reverence for life.╩╩He offers a pragmatic description of what it takes to create authentic power.

Old ways of dealing with new circumstances are not working. While most of us don't yet have the language or the insight to make the necessary shifts, a few people are beginning to have a sense of what the new human species will be like when we pursue harmony, cooperation, sharing and reverence for life.

Healing unconscious parts of our personality is now our way of evolving.

Conversation 4

As one opens oneself to the breadth and depth and scope of one's own power, non-physical guides and teachers guide the use of the new power. But individuals remain responsible for their choices. Responsible choice is at the heart of the process Gary sees.

The first step in creating authentic power is to become aware of all of the aspects of your splintered personality. Multi-sensory humans have a vast new potential to be a Universal Human.

Gary avoids dogma. He believes when we appreciate life in its fullest and become fully who we are, it does not matter whether one calls it Christ-consciousness, enlightenment, Buddhahood, or authentic power. He describes the path to becoming both more spiritual and more unique. He sees this illustrated by all the individuals for whom religions have been named.

Conversation 5

Spiritual partnerships are partnership between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth. This mode of relationship is now replacing every relationship, including traditional marriage.

We are immortal souls first, physical beings second. Our reason for being on this earth is to learn to co-create and develop spiritually. Gary describes how "It is possible for you to use every circumstance in your life to create authentic power."

Gary has a deep sense of personal responsibility. "You cannot be a victim if you are going to create authentic power, live the life you were meant to live, touch the creativity and vitality and joy and satisfaction and fulfillment that is yours to experience." He feels the same way about blame.

Conversation 6

Life is a celebration, but one cannot celebrate if you are unconsciously creating with anger, vengeance, sorrow, despair, jealousy, anxiety. It takes work to evolve. In the early stages of transformation, it is good to be with sympathetic people who appreciate that your sensitivity is becoming refined. However, a time comes when the very richness in life comes from people different from you.

Eventually, our entire species will become convergent as we create harmony, cooperate, share, and have a reverence for life.


Gary Zukav's spiritual partner, Linda Francis, was on her way to visit her grand-daughter when we arrived to visit. Gary and Linda were also between extensive trips. We thank them both for the gracious hospitality they extended to us, including the delicious water which springs directly from their kitchen faucet.

The breakfast at Ward's Big Foot Ranch and B & B in Mount Shasta, California, was rivaled only by the view of llamas and ostriches at the foot of stately Mount Shasta. We hope the volcano re-mains inactive for a long time.

We think of this Show as a gift from Larry Shealy, who pointed us toward Gary Zukav many years ago. We would have missed both Gary and Mount Shasta had it not been for Larry's guidance. Thank you, Larry.

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