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a "Muslim Girl" & the Politics of Beauty

We never met the late David Bowie/David Jones. Just over a decade ago, we did meet his extraordinary wife, Iman. It was clear in the two hours we spent with her that she is a strong, intelligent, sensible person ... and beautiful, inside and out.

It was also clear that anyone married to her (at that time for thirteen years) had to be extraordinary as well, and well-grounded. One (of many) lesson she shared which is even more important today: too much is too much.


a Muse in Music

Much more than the spoken word, music speaks to us in a near-universal fashion. For decades, blues musician and Guy Davis has been traveling the world telling the stories only music can tell.



Being the son of famous stage and film stars Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis was undeniably enriching, but it was as a 7 year old kid, sitting in the front row of an auditorium and looking up at a man with a box that had strings on it, that he saw his own future. Music’s magic not only enveloped him, it continues to impel him to live a life “on the road” — singin' the Blues, sharin' his views, bringin' the news.




American author and playwrite E.L. Doctorow died in July. We talked with him in 2005 about his novel The March and about the relationship between writers and readers. These are excerpts from that conversation.


Paula's regular commentary is available on The Huffington Post. New Post added December 26: Fie on Fear & Season's Greetings:

...Though remarkably selfless by the standards of nihilist politicians and media, we, and millions of others around the world, are learning essential lessons about engaging with refugees. Already climate change is generating... (more)


AND This: Torture and the Psychologists:

...Even if torture works, it's a really, really bad idea. That anyone does it is appalling. That American psychologists participate in and endorse torture is outrageous. The APA and its adherents lose ...(more)


AND This: Civilization & Values

...(W)e argued that Darwinian engagement is even more important that Newtonian analysis if we are to successfully negotiate (survive) the historical flex point, the hinge, that we now inhabit. Kauffman et al have put that idea into a global ... (more)


 AND This: Creating the History You Want to Share:

... When I hear a defensive "...but I'm just one person" or a wimped-out "what I do doesn't matter," I invoke the justly famous image of John Lewis on the Pettus Bridge: A physically slight, very young man looking as if he were Daniel leading ... (more)

AND This: Charles Darwin and the SunMine

What do evolution and a determined citizenry in a little city you've never heard of have to do with the future of civilization? ... (more)


In August, 2010 we recorded five hours of video with Janos Starker (see above). At the end of July, his daughter, Gabriella Starker and other friends produced A Celebration of Janos Starker in Memories and Music in Toronto. We excerpted ten minutes from those recording to honor the event and Mr. Starker's Legacy:





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