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Bill Russell

Bill is executive producer and co-host for The Paula Gordon Show. He is also an officer of The Clarion Group, a business consultancy. Bill’s degree in systems engineering from Stanford University ('68) was a springboard for a lifetime supporting the knowledge and communications needs of corporations -- from designing systems solutions for Levi Strauss, to start-up companies and state-wide broadcast television programming. In the early 70s he invested a year traveling in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and South Asia.  From the mid ‘70’s to the early '90s, he created and managed one of the Southeast’s premiere film and video companies, then moved on to full-time business consulting with The Clarion Group where he co-developed a process for achieving Functional Diversitysm in organizations and workgroups. A successor process, Values-Based Diversitysm, has been adapted for use in public governance and political campaigns. He serves as Publisher of, President of Public Intelligence, Inc. and of Investigations Group, Inc. and on the Board of Common Cause/Georgia. He and his wife live in Kimberley, British Columbia and Atlanta.

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